Update Old National Assessment Corporation (NAC) Reports

National Assessment Corporation (NAC) provided various environmental and engineering assessments, such as Phase I Environmental Services and Property Condition Reports (PCRs) nationally until 2004 at which point National Assessment Corp was sold to LandAmerica Assessment Corporation (LAC). Subsequently, all of the assets of the former National Assessment Corp were purchased out of bankruptcy on March 27, 2009 by Partner Engineering and Science, Inc. a national due diligence company.

Partner regularly updates old National Assessment Corporation Reports for clients. If you are in need of an update call 800-419-4923 or email NAC@partneresi.com

Please continue the relationship! Partner Engineering and Science’s professional staff is qualified and experienced and are able to perform a vast array of environmental and engineering services, ranging from Phase I ESAs to Property Condition Assessments to Subsurface Testing to Litigation Support.

National Assessment Corporation History

National Assessment Corporation was formed in 1997 and was headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. For formal notices see: www.NA-Corp.com

NAC grew to be a national company rather quickly and in just four years became one of the national largest providers of due diligence with offices in Orange County, Alameda, Utah, Atlanta, New York, New Jersey, and Chicago.

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